Sunday, 15 November 2015

Stickman Snowflakes

Way back in 2011 I wrote about the Snowflake’s bigger cousin, Snowball… recently I’ve been able to acquire a couple of Snowflakes (aka Stickman #9 Snowflake Ornament Puzzleboxto give it its full name!) to go with that Snowball.

Puzzle-wise, they’re identical.

Size-wise, these guys are tiny… their sides are just over half of the dimensions of the Snowball... so they take up a lot less volume than their plumper cousin…

This really is puzzle box design pared back to the bone – each Snowflake consists of six boards with cuts and notches that enables them to interlock and grip together to form a 7-moves-to-open puzzle box.

There’s some totally unnecessary detailing on the corners to give the impression of an impossibly intertwining network that adds a beautiful little touch – but the rest of the design is pure function – and it’s a delight.

Family Portrait
Having played with the Snowball first, I reckon that the snowflakes are probably about as small (and as pure) as you would want a playable puzzle box to be… sure you could make them even smaller, but then you’d be well beyond the realms of a puzzle that you’d gladly hand around to any of your mates to fiddle with…


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