Tuesday 5 February 2013

I can see clearly now...

I've written a couple of posts in the past about Revomazes ... I really enjoyed solving (most of) them and the buzz you get when you open one of the metal puzzles and see the beautifully machined core stays with you for a long time ... but you have to work pretty hard to solve them (even the simpler ones) so a lot of folks never get to see those mazes - and trying to explain what's happening inside there can be a bit of a mission...

Now one of the things that the folks on the Revomaze forum have been baying for for a while, has been a clear sleeve, so you can see the insides as you're going through the maze - for demonstration purposes after you've solved the puzzle, of course!

...after several years of promises, attempts and false starts by a number of earnest puzzlers, my fellow blogger and mate from the 'States has finally achieved the impossible - he has machined a clear acrylic Revomaze sleeve, and sold a couple to eager puzzlers wanting to show off their Revomazes... and they are simply stunning!

How clear are they? Well, here's a close-up showing the pin through the sleeve and the maze itself... I think they're clear enough!

Well Done Neil! (and Thanks!)

[For the record, no I don't consider any of these pictures to be spoilers.]


  1. Wow, beautiful! Thanks Allard for the photos and write up. Can't wait for mine to be shipped.

  2. Thanks Allard! I'm still not quite sure how you floated that screw above the maze in the last photo ... I'm not convinced there's even a sleeve there, and I'm making them!