Saturday 26 March 2011

Searious Burr

This is another unusual looking burr (perhaps better described as a kumiki-style puzzle) in the shape of the Sears Tower. This puzzle a unique 'Brian Young-style' locking mechanism that needs to be defeated before you can start disassembly.

The burr has a couple of brass radio masts sticking out of the top of the building and you’ll quickly notice that they can be unscrewed – this may loosen things up a bit, but that first lock I was referring to still needs defeating! The lock uses a trick that Brian’s used on a couple of other designs as well, but this time it’s hidden in the bowels o’ the burr, so working out what it is, and exactly how to get past it, is best described as “non-trivial” – I’m going to say that because it took me quite a while to work it out!

It’s a nice self-contained little puzzle and once you’ve defeated the locking mechanism, the rest of the disassembly is reasonably straight-forward – and reassembly is a lot simpler once you’ve seen the first piece come out!

Really cute, unusual little puzzle, with a fabulous Brian Young sting at the beginning to keep you out … available from Brian over here

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