Monday 31 December 2012

And the winner is...

Right, so a few of you took up the challenge and submitted a list of puzzles that you thought you’d spotted in my Christmas collage ... Kudos to Chris for not only submitting the fastest entry, but also for correctly spotting 40 out of 42 puzzles. Ali correctly named 37 of them (are you kicking yourself for not spotting the Orange Revo, mate?). 

Special mention must go to Brett for his elegant entry with the names typed over the actual pictures – and an extremely credible 41 out of 42 answers correct ...

...but the winner of my little Christmas giveaway is Rob Stegmann – who not only was one of the very first entries, but also had every single puzzle correctly identified... so a(nother?) slice of Karakuri Cheesecake shall shortly be winging its way across the pond to you, sir!

Thanks for playing... and if you’re interested, the answers were:

Wasserhahn [Roger]; Geburt [Roger]; A Plugged Well [Brian Young]; Stellated Improved Square Face [Scott Peterson]; Louis' Amazing Box #3; Hex Stairs [Derek Bosch]; Will Strijbos’ Lotus; Owl in Cage; Brian Young's Washington Monument; Burrblock [Jerry McFarland]; James Dalgety's Pythagorean Puzzle; Eis [Roger]; The Chris [Eric Fuller]; Cerradura 3D [Robrecht Louage]; Judge's Gavel [Mike Toulouzas]; First Box [Wil Strijbos]; Revomaze Orange  [Chris Pitt]; Washer Cylinder [Wil Strijbos]; Exchange [Wil Strijbos]; Superstrings [Richard Gain]; Stickman Milestone Puzzlebox [Robert Yarger]; Flemin' [Tajima]; Jugo Flower [Wil Strijbos]; Rubik's Tangle; Oskar's Domino Tower; 4D [Oskar]; Breadbox [Dave Litwin]; Slidy 7.a.1 [Van der Zon]; Tantalizing [Yee-Dian Lee]; Box With a Tree [Iwahara]; James Dalgety's Round Dozen; Marcel Gillen Bolt; Four Colour Map Puzzle; Peppermint Twist; R2D2 [Roger]; Jos Bergmans’ Sun; Stickman Checkmate Puzzlebox [Robert Yarger]; 3-layer Tetraxis [Jane Kostick]; Marcel Gillen Knight; Pearl in the Shell [Bill Cutler]; Alcyl [Iwahiro] and The Heather by Eric Fuller.


  1. Sorry! Too busy at work to enter contest! I think I got 32 of them!

    Have a great year in 2013 - hope to see you, Gill, Ben & Jerry (and the MPP guys) soon!


  2. Do you think it's fair to allow experienced puzzler participating in your contests?
    I don't think so!! Nobody can won against them!! You should not allow Baxter or Stegman because they will won all the time!... Think about that. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment, I have thought about it and I will continue to allow (and encourage) them to enter. If they want to take the time and trouble to enter, then good luck to them! :-)