Thursday 28 February 2013

Double Lock by Bill Darrah

At the last MPP get together, fellow blogger Kevin followed through on his threat to bring a bunch of his latest acquisitions from Bernhard Schweitzer down for us to play with. He’d been taking quite a lot of things off Bernhard’s hands recently and as luck would have it had ended up with one or two duplicates ... including a copy of Double Lock made by the good folks at Pelikan, and he was kind enough to let me take it off his hands for a jolly reasonable price, so I did. 
Pelikan’s proud standards have been properly upheld on this handsome cube made from oak with a pair of mahogany(?) accents on each face ... and those accents provide a clue to the name as well as the mechanism. 

Double Lock is delightfully named as you will discover when you begin to play with it... you can spend a while prodding and tugging various bits in order to find the first move, and when you do, you’ll find that the locking piece is actually a locking pair of pieces that need to be manipulated in order to get them free ... leaving you with an interlocking shell made up of a further five pieces – making it a really interesting little 4*4*4 cube.

Assembly presents a pretty decent challenge to any puzzler ... even if you’re expecting the final Double Lock.

Thanks Kevin for introducing me to the Double Lock and for letting me add it to my collection! 

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