Saturday, 8 February 2014

Seasons Greetings

A very belated thank you to Simon and Louis for my puzzling seasonal greeting cards. 

Simon sent me a great riddle card that made you work for your greeting - with a few clues inside along with a handwritten note claiming it would be too easy for me ... well, Simon, for the record, it wasn't ... I needed all the clues and then one or two more that I picked up from a friendly puzzlers on-line forum before I managed to solve it ... thanks for tickling the little grey cells (more than) a bit. 

...and then Louis, my partner in puzzle-design-crime, conjured up another fantastic impossible folded card to adorn his (now traditional?) Christmas card.

By the way, if it doesn't look all that impossible, ask yourself how the red star got to be quite like that since the only cuts on the card are the ones that you can see and nothing has been rejoined using tape or glue, and that red star is still very much attached to the rest of the card.

Thanks guys! :-)

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