Wednesday 14 January 2015

Very sad... hear this evening that John Moores has passed away. 

Having met him in Washington for the first time we shared a common appreciation of Jane Kostick's wonderful work - she'd told us to look out for one another because she thought it was kind of neat that two of her new fans from another continent would be attending the same puzzle meeting in DC.

It was brilliant to have John join a few of us on a puzzle hunt and see him find a new version of one of his Karakuri puzzles in a Tokyo department store and happily add it to his collection. 

...and seeing him in London was truly bitter sweet - we could all see he was struggling, but enjoying being there and getting a huge kick out of taking part in the Exchange - it was exhausting for those of us in good health...

I'd like to think that Big Ben was a way to say Thank You to his puzzling friends - a little something to remember his joy in puzzling. 

So long John... thoughts are with all your friends and family everywhere. 

Thank YOU.


  1. Truly a sad loss....I met John twice, first at IPP33 in Japan and then last year in London...a fine gentleman! My condolences to his family.

  2. Never thought he had just gone, I just met him last year in london and he seems fine! I'll keep the big pen very well to show my respect to him.

  3. Allard this is truly sad news, John was a wonderful person and he will be greatly missed! A very sad day.

  4. John and I shared an enthusiasm for beautiful woods, and it was my pleasure to make him things using some of his favorites. I am glad our lives crossed paths and sad that his was cut short. My condolences to his family and friends.

  5. I only met him the once and his enjoyment of the puzzling world was immediately obvious. We should be grateful that he facilitated the Big Ben puzzle as his act of tribute for us.


  6. Allard,
    thanks for your comments. John had the biggest smile at IPP; he will be truly missed.

  7. Thank you Allard. This is very sad news indeed. I'll always remember John's warm spirit and generosity. He was someone my family and I loved to see at IPP and we will miss him greatly.

  8. Truly sad news indeed. John was a great guy and will be greatly missed.

    1. this is truly sad news, John was a wonderful person and he will be greatly missed! A very sad day.
      he was one of the most friendly guys in the puzzle scenery we will miss him