Friday 22 September 2017

Blackjack pastry puzzle box

If Perry McDaniels is selling anything at a puzzle party, there will be a queue, ergo, whenever Perry is selling anything at a puzzle party, I make a bee-line for his table and join the throng of merry puzzlers throwing money at him… it’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t be disappointed if you like puzzle boxes.

A few years ago Perry arrived dressed the part with a Puzzled Guy Bakery outfit – he was selling petit fours… in a slightly altered guise he sold bon-bons for a couple of years and this year he was back as Perry the pastry chef…

A couple of puzzlers had seen pics of his 2017 offering and pronounced it truly delicious – and there was indeed a queue for the finest in wooden pastries that IPP37 could offer – in spite of Perry’s quips about them being “half the puzzle at twice the price”.

Blackjack marks the first in a series of pastries according to the blurb accompanying the puzzle – superb, there will be more of them! 
Visually, this one is stunning – it looks like a yummy chocolate slice with lashings of walnutty chocolate splashed across one end. It’s a bit bigger than the previous sets of Perry’s bakery-inspired products – and it rattles – quite a bit… there is definitely “stuff” going on inside there…

Sitting down to play with this little guy, you will want to spend some time simply admiring it – it is very handsome!

… and when you do begin playing with it, the first move will definitely raise a smile… that’s unexpected!

Spend a little time exploring and it spits out a playing card at you… a picture card to be precise … and you might be wondering how that ties in with the name of this little beastie, and whether there might be another along in due course… and indeed there is – right at the end – Blackjack!

There’s quite a lot of “stuff” along the way… some of it exactly the sort of thing you might expect from a secret opening box, and some of it rather unexpected, if not downright unusual. There is a lot to discover in this little pastry slice… and don’t go thinking that returning it back to the starting position is going to be a piece of cake either!

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  1. Hello Allard. Based on that third and last picture, I can only assume Perry must be another Motörhead fan!