Sunday 24 December 2017

Christmas Challenge 2017

It wouldn’t be Christmas eve in the Walker household if I wasn’t hunched over a PC slicing up photos and mashing them together to make a collage of puzzle pictures to challenge my mates around the world to identify…

So here you are – my Christmas Challenge 2017… one big mash-up of 52(!) puzzles that I reckon are readily identifiable from the bits I’ve shown you. Honest guv! [Click on the pic to get the full size version.]

Usual rules apply: send me an email (please don't put your answers in the comments - that sort of spoils it for everyone!) to: my first name dot my surname at gmail dot com.

Send me a list of puzzle names and with their designers (bonus points if you tell me who made the puzzle in question - in case we need a tie-breaker!).

Entries close at the end of 2017... my time. 

The winner is the puzzlist who gets most right and they will receive one of my spare puzzles (either Popp, Sextbord, Missing Notch or one of my 2017 exchange puzzles) in the post. 

 ...which only leaves me to say: please have a brilliantly festive Christmas and a tremendously puzzling 2018!

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