Thursday 13 February 2020

Laszlo Molnar’s Hat Trick

Barely a year goes by when there isn’t an excellent new design from Laszlo Molnar – 2019 was no exception: he gave us Hat Trick. 

I enjoyed playing with this one in the Design Competition so I was quite chuffed when Brian Menold had some copies up for sale… they didn’t last long, but the good news is that Brian is planning another batch and you can currently reserve a copy on his website.

The premise here is straight-forward: you have six L-shaped pieces, one box with a T-shaped hole and just enough space inside the box to allow those pieces to rest easy… put the pieces in the box. 

Of course to get in there, they need to go in through that T-shaped hole in the top of the box… a hole that helpfully shows you exactly how the final piece need inserting – great! That means you only nee to work out how to get five of those little pieces in there – this just gets easier and easier!

Only, it doesn’t. 

It’s not hard to visualise the shape you’re trying to get to inside the box – getting to that will require some strategy, and perhaps a little Think (c).

This puzzle really rewards thought and planning. Helpfully (yes really, this time!) the box is snug so you won’t be tempted into trying adventurous rotations and the like. 

I really like this one and reckon it’s one of Laszlo’s best so far… so hit Brian up (soon) if you want a copy. 

If you don’t want to take my word for it, Ken (with a Z) is also a big fan, as is Kevin – see what they had to say about it in those links.

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