Tuesday 11 August 2020


Osamu Kasho created this rather interesting little puzzle box for the latest Karakuri Creation Group exhibition entitled “GO” – which if you’ve been paying attention to my blog posts, dear reader, you know that the symbol for “GO” can also be interpreted as “five” – and there are five neat little buildings on the top of this box. There’s a rather obvious drawer on the front and a potentially slidey-looking-thingy on the side of the box… and an unusual pattern on the top the box. 

It looks interesting and draws you in…

Examine the buildings a little closer and you’ll see they can change height – by the way, I love the little details on the buildings in the windows and doors and even a helipad. 

So having discovered that they change height, it becomes clear that you’re going to be setting the heights properly in order to release the drawer – so far so good – and if you’re a bit of an agricultural puzzler like I am, you might be tempted to try and pick this particular lock – and you’ll discover that the designer is a better man than you are… you cannot actually feel this one out – you have to solve it properly!

So much for the brute force approach!

Turns out using some finesse is definitely rewarded, but the tolerances on this one are wonderfully precise – you really do need to gets things absolutely spot-on before she will reveal her secrets.

I love the fact that this one teases a little and then forces you to do things properly. Much respect to the craftsman on this one…