Thursday 14 February 2019

Custom Cube Wrapper

Some puzzles are special… not because they were expensive, or because of their innate beauty or any of the usual reasons we may choose to single them out – sometimes they’re just special – full stop. 

This one might not look as pretty as some of the others in The Hoard, but it has a lot of thought and a whole lot of care and love put into it – Jeroen gave it to me when the Coolens came to stay just after New Year… he’d decorated the six outside panels with things he was looking forward to seeing on his visit – you’ll notice the hounds get top-billing! :-) 

He’d found an interesting cube-wrapping puzzle and then made up his own version and pestered his dad to provide a suitable cube… and it’s a really cool puzzle with a neat little trick that will keep an unwary puzzler looking for a way out of the parity blind alley for a while.

Some puzzles are special – this is definitely one of the special ones in The Hoard now…  

Bedankt Jeroen!

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