Saturday 24 December 2016

Christmas Challenge 2016

It wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't mash up some barely recognisable pictures into a big ole mess and challenge you to identify as many as you could... so here you go!

This year I've been deliberately kind in my choice of pictures - I think they are are instantly recognisable and I haven't fiddled with any of their aspect ratios at all... it should be simple! :-)

Usual rules apply: send me an email (don't put your answers in the comments- it pretty much ensures that everyone else has a starter-for-ten!) to my first name dot walker at gmail dot com - and if you can't work out my first name, there's a pretty solid clue in the blog's name! Send me a list of puzzle names and designers (bonus points if you tell me who made the puzzle in question - in case we need a tie-breaker!). 

Entries close at the end of 2016... my time.

The winner is the puzzlist who gets most right and they will receive something puzzling (of my choice) in the post.

...and have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully puzzling 2017!

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