Sunday 19 August 2018

Kagen Sound’s Caterpillar Box

Part 2 in Kagen’s Lotus Trilogy landed recently – another wonderfully handsome creation to add to the collection.

He’s been working on the series for years now, literally, and has somehow managed to find the time to finish off the second in the series in spite of recently welcoming his daughter, Helen, into the world.

Anyone familiar with the first in the series will instantly feel at home: a series of decorative rings on the top of the box combine to form stunning patterns radiating out from the centre… the rings each contain the same repeating patterns but their interplay produces wonderfully different patterns – fun to play with on their own, even if you ignore the whole puzzle box thing underneath those rings.

The box arrives with a slightly (deliberately!) lop-sided flower design… start spinning the rings and it quickly vanishes and then bits and pieces of potential pattern come into view… as with the Lotus box, you’ll find that you can get some of the rings to line up in a particular pattern, and then discover that the last one or two won’t quite go far enough, so you head back to the start again.

There’s a brilliant sequential nature to the puzzle – you start with the first clue to a pattern, solve that one on the rings and it will unlock one of the four drawers, giving you a clue to the next pattern, and so on until the fourth drawer opens and Kagen’s branded limited edition numbering shows up on the base…

I had a wonderful time experimenting with the various patterns and can’t help but be amazed at the designs that allow four very specific patterns to unlock their respective drawers (re-)using the same set of rings over and over…

There’s nothing to stop you from simply experimenting with repeating patterns and seeing if they open a drawer – but you owe it to yourself to solve it properly from start to finish… a real thing of beauty!

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