Friday 1 March 2019

Juno’s Chubby Crocodile

…is very well named!

It’s also very cute!

…and it’s still available over here! 

(Thought I’d get that in early given the hard time I got over the fact that some of the last few things I wrote about weren’t readily available… normal service will no doubt resume and I’ll be writing about unobtainables again soon… :-) )

Juno reckons that it’s hard to classify the Chubby Crocodile, but as there’s an internal space, and it’s locked and requires opening, I’m going to go with secret opening box – even though it looks a lot like an animal – other bloggers may disagree and consider the infamous bread test… although his copy came with a couple of slices of bread in it!
Pick it up and it’s immediately obvious that bits move – and some of them appear to be interrelated – experimenting with the bits that move, opens up a few more possibilities – and more interactions – to the point that keeping track of all of them requires a little thought. 

Just when you think you’re making good progress; however, things sort of take a turn for the confounding and you may well be left wondering if you’ve been barking up the wrong tree… and indeed wondering why some things look the way they do…

At this point in my little journey I found a little Think (C) to be helpful, before setting out in a slightly different direction only to wonder if that one was another blind alley…. Eventually I managed to find something that actually used all of what I’d already learnt, albeit not quite in the manner that I’d been expecting, and found the way into the belly of the beast – where I was delighted with my little surprise – Juno has the last laugh on his puzzlers: you get pot luck on the contents and mine stuck a grin on my face for a while…

This one isn’t horribly challenging, but it IS FUN! Definitely suitable for muggles and mothers-in-law… and in case I haven’t mentioned it, Juno still has a bunch of them in stock! (No, I'm not on commission, just a fan...) 

Postscript: I took the Chubby Croc along to MPP and many actual puzzlers (like Ed!) had a go at it and everyone enjoyed it - so it's not just me! ...AND what's more - Kevin likes it too!! Read his thoughts over here...

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  1. Hahaha!!!! Ya Bastad! It cannot be a box! If it only fits a couple of slices of bread then it's a toaster! 3-)