Sunday 19 January 2020

Juno’s Ring Case

Another absolute cracker from Juno!

This was my Saturday morning treat this weekend… the ransom note had arrived during the week, but I only managed to get out to collect it on Saturday… and there may well have been a Loopy Cube or two in that package along with a new Board Burr, but there was only ever going to be one thing I focused on first – the Ring Case – Juno’s latest sequential discovery puzzle. 

After missing out on the previous one, I was pretty keen to get one of these because Juno’s sequential discoveries are always worthwhile! 

I‘m not disappointed – this box is beautiful! Stunning crisp heart cut-out looks lovely against the red of the Jarrah on the lid. Four little legs stick out the bottom and there’s an obvious slidey-lid-y-thing – which simply will not budge! You can admire the beauty for quite a while though!

There’s not a lot that can be investigated early on – so you find yourself getting drawn in a particular direction and things duly start happening – I always find it amazing how things can go from “That sucker ain’t movin’” to “Gosh, that just fell out of there” when you happen upon exactly the correct set of actions. 

There’s some lovely interplay between some of the things that start happening until you manage to get the lid to slide back, and reveal a wonderfully well-trapped little ring waiting for you in the heart of the box. 

At this point it’s hard not to feel rather well-teased – there’s a simple little steel bar running through the centre of the ring keeping it in place – so presumably “all you need to do” is release that little bar. 

Turns out that makes for a rather nice little challenge – something the interweb had warned of – that bit, and indeed replacing it, are pretty darn tricky! Those will require tools, cunning, keen observation and at least a little Think-ing (c). 

Release the ring and you’ll have a pretty good selection of little bits and bobs that all need to find their way back into the box in the right sequence so that they each lock one another up again in order, forcing the next puzzlist to wander all the way through the correct sequence to release the ring once more. 

It’s an excellent little sequential discovery puzzle!

When I first drafted this post, there were 14 copies still available for sale for less than a hundred quid… that was before Kevin posted posted his write-up last weekend [SPOILER ALERT - he liked it too! and bread...] - now there are none left! 


  1. I’m amazed that my drivel is even read by anyone, let alone convince anyone to buy a puzzle!

    Kevin Puzzlemad

  2. I enjoy reading both of you guys drivel! ;)

  3. ...sounds like we've found our mystery reader Kevin! Goes by a weird name though...

    1. This Mr Anonymous has been visiting my site a LOT! Nearly 1.5 million page views just from him!