Saturday 15 April 2023

QuizBrix’ aMAZEing PuzzleBox

Funny story: a couple of months ago I had a polite email from a young man called Peleg offering me a free puzzle in return for a blog post. I thanked him for the offer, but declined on the grounds that I only blogged about puzzles that I wanted to blog about… now here I am having bought a copy of the puzzle and I’m choosing to blog about it! 

Hopefully that tells you something about this puzzle already…

In the interim I'd spotted someone who’s opinions I rate rather highly posting on Facebook that he really liked this puzzle – so I immediately set about ordering a copy and a few days later one duly arrived, well-packaged, in Barnt Green. It comes with a handy little card telling you the rules of the game and warning you that this is a Lego puzzle and you should really try and avoid the urge to take things apart (because you can literally disassemble the entire thing!).

I started with the obligatory poking and prodding of pretty much everything, then progressed to trying to slide various bits and pieces around and at some point I managed to retrieve a somewhat handy tool… which when applied to some suitably shaped orifices, made things happen…

I was thoroughly hooked at this stage… and then things got even better.

More tools arrived and even more opportunities opened up. The eagle-eyed will have spotted a couple of transparent bricks in the sides and these will give you just enough of a hint of where to concentrate at the appropriate time.

There’s some really clever design in this puzzle – which makes tremendous use of the Lego bricks and their interactions. There’ll be things you want to try and do up front that won’t work, and then you’ll find yourself unlocking them later on… ultimately there’s a wonderful sequence of discoveries that leads to releasing not only the gold bar you're trying to find, but also a handy QR code that takes you to  the reset instructions and also a video of the complete solve – nice touch.

This really is a terrific puzzle and I’m glad I spotted Jim’s glowing recommendation on Facebook and took the plunge myself. Peleg’s done an excellent job of creating an entertaining puzzle that will make you think, and then make you smile. Well worth the price – especially at their currently discounted levels!

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