Sunday 10 December 2023


Doog and Radek recently launched their third Demonticon, Ziggy’s dad named Zak… I pretty much ordered one as soon as I saw them go up on the website and a few days later my copy duly arrived in Barnt Green... literally two days before the last MPP.

My first attempts at finding Zak’s secret dreams were pretty pathetic – I spent a while staring into his somewhat googly eyes, pondering his melancholic looks and wondering how on earth I was going to find out what he was dreaming of…

There was one little gimme, and while it changed something, it didn’t seem particularly helpful at all…

The next day I managed to get in a little bit of playtime before the MPP gang descended from the airport… and that was what I needed.

I managed to work out what that gimme really did and how it might be useful and then I managed to look past those googly eyes and imagine what was going on deep inside Zak’s soul… and opened him right up.

To be fair, I surprised myself when it opened as I thought I’d tried that very thing a few times already, but when I saw what was going on inside, I realised it would have been pretty easy to mess things up and undo any good work one might have done along the way. Zak is a delightfully subtle puzzle with a song in its soul. Several folks had a play with Zak at MPP and he didn’t disappoint, jealously guarding his secrets against all but the most dedicated solvers!

As you’d expect from Radek, the machining on the puzzly side of things is sublime and the aesthetics are gorgeous – everyone is going to love those googly eyes!

I’m definitely looking forward to the next Demonticon…

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