Saturday 13 January 2024

Window Lock 3

Dick Hensel’s Window Locks just keep getting better and better. One was good. Two was even better, and number Three definitely steps it up again!

Shane had told me that Dick was working on a new Window Lock and there was a knowing wink that said it was going to be a good one, so when Dick reached out and offered me a copy, I shot him some PayPal and bided my time.

There’s a definite family resemblance on Window Lock 3 – a neat little oak package with a generous acrylic window showing off (almost!) all of the innards. The shackle is well and truly locked in place. There are lots of little sliders and goodies inside and the usual ball bearing waiting to do your bidding. As usual there’s a means of moving some of the internals so let’s start playing.

There are plenty of visual clues and a little logic will suggest what you might like to do… and the good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of dexterity to get things to do what you want them to do… and I thought I was doing pretty darn well until I hit a rather dramatic dead end – I thought I’d done all I needed to do, only problem was that the darned shackle remained resolutely locked shut… which was weird – it should have been open!

Turns out that Dick’s added another wonderful layer of complication – you’re going to have to review everything you think you already know about these puzzles before you’re going to find a way to finally open the shackle.

Definitely my favourite Window Lock so far – I love how Dick’s really upped the ante on this one without sacrificing any of the consistent family looks.

Great job Dick!

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