Sunday 27 December 2015

It wouldn't be this time of year...

...without a thoroughly stupid holiday challenge from Allard!

In the picture below there are around 50 recognisable(?) puzzles, some of which have appeared on this very blog! I am willing to bet that nobody will get all of them correct... so if you needed a bit of a challenge, there you go! (Be warned, I haven't been very charitable with some of those pics!)

If you want to stand a chance of winning a puzzle of my choosing, email me a list of the puzzle names and and their designers - and if you get them all right, I'll throw in an extra puzzle! The address is allard full stop walker at sign gmail full stop com. 

Entries close on Friday, 1st January, at midnight (UK-time!), so I can work out who won over the weekend and pick up something for the winner from my puzzling purveyor of choice.... Enjoy!

Click for a larger version...

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