Monday 23 August 2021

Sequential Discovery Cubed Box

Juno’s latest sequential discovery design is another box (with a cavity large enough for the obligatory loaf of bread!) – this time in the shape of a cube rather than a burr – just in case you were wondering where the name came from!

As has become customary, they sold out in a flash when they were released, however this time a small number have been held back to either be sold on auction or to be sold to folks who know Juno personally in an attempt to get more of them into the hands of long-term collectors. While there are doubtless going to be folks who’re less happy with the new process, I was very glad to be able to secure a copy.

Outwardly the SDCB looks like a chunky 3*3*3 cube assembly with not a clue to its true nature – unless you count a little rattling sound when you give it a shake. Interestingly for an apparent assembly puzzle, it doesn’t seem to want to come apart – pulling bits and pieces in various random directions (my normal approach disassembly!) yields quite literally nothing… and it takes some careful exploring to find the right way into this puzzle.

Find it and it’s immediately a little alarming – your immediate instincts might lead you to want to do something and it’s rather unsettling when you realise you can’t… in for a penny… you might as well keep going now.

Really early on you’ll start finding some unexpected little features inside that keep things together and running in straight lines and the beginnings of some tools… and from there the game is really on.

You may well find yourself with a large tangle of wood at one point, unable to find a way of untangling them, but you’ll know that they went together somehow, so they must be able to come apart… somehow…

Once you get past that bit, the really awesome bit of sequential discovery and exploration awaits – and it’s a fabulously fun journey. Everything is beautifully thought out and you need to do everything in the right order, with the right tools – it’s a wonderfully FUN process with some very clever little tools, and as you’d expect with Juno, half the battle is working out what the right tool for the job is.

You’re never too far from making the discovery and more progress and when you reach the end, you’ll definitely know it, you lucky devil!

But wait, there’s more! There’s a fun little challenge in the reassembly that might just leave you scratching your head for a while!

This puzzle’s designed for puzzlers’ enjoyment – it’s not there to defy and confound you for days on end – it’s there to remind you that puzzling is a fun journey to share with friends. I will definitely be sharing this one with my mates when we get back together again.

A(nother) sequential discovery gem from Juno! 

But don't just take my word for it! Kevin and Ken both agree it's awesome!

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  1. Great puzzle and maybe one of my picks for the year. One to keep in my collection.