Saturday 6 July 2013

Serious puzzle box haul!

The past week at Puzzling Times HQ has been pretty epic puzzle-box-wise...

It started when a copy of Randal Gatewood's Keeper's Key Safe Deluxe arrived from Canada, followed shortly thereafter by a Pencil Case #2, fresh from the workshop of Kagen Schaefer, but things went from rather nice to jolly awesome when a package from a Dutch collector arrived with four Stickman puzzleboxes in it for me ... and just when I was thinking it couldn't possibly get much better, Robert Yarger's latest creation (Stickman #26) The Celestial Puzzlebox was delivered this morning...

...add to that the large pile of Eric Fuller creations and a pair of new Kostick creations, several sliding tile puzzles from Diniar and bunch of things obtained from Wil when he was over for our last MPP and it's clear that I'm going to be a very happy puzzler for quite some time!

 ... and there's plenty to be blogged about!

I'll be back...


  1. So we're on bread and water rations again are we? (Note to self: remember to separate grocery budget from puzzle budget) ;-)

    1. Poor Gil!
      Sandra knows your pain! My bespoke twisty puzzles have also cost quite a bit but not quite at the "bread and water" stage! Luckily for her, I don't have the same connections as Allard to buy Stickman boxes otherwise I would have to learn to photosynthesise!