Thursday 1 January 2015


Right, you've had a week to play along, and I've had a few entries, so here are the results: 

Special mention to Will Hu for getting the very first entry in, and if he'd had them all right, this game would have ended at 9:31 on Christmas Eve... but he was missing a couple so the game continued. Will made a couple of very good guesses at some of the ones he didn't recognise, including a memorable one that had him describing one of the puzzles as a disentanglement puzzle that looked like a paper clip ... yip, it's called Paper Clip - of course if he'd randomly guessed the designers as Pevnitskiy & Grebnev I'd have been highly impressed. Will also helpfully suggested a copy of Big Ben as a prize... not quite the level of generosity I was aiming for!

Having had a few entries over the course of the week, I decided that New Year's Day was as good a time to call a halt on it and put you out of your collective misery...

As I'd asked for the puzzle's names and for their designers, and there were 50 puzzles pictured (no, I wasn't lying... the pic of Fauler Hund on the left included the frame - that wasn't a copy of Confetto or something similar lurking in the wings to trap you ... would I?!). So one point for each gives me a neat score out of 100...
Will (H), Markus and Niko came in at just under 80 apiece - an entirely creditable performance! Well done and thanks for playing! But no prizes...

Goetz' entry consisted of a copy of my collage with the names and designers typed over the top of each picture - easily the easiest to score, but a couple of blank spots meant a score of 87...

Yvon eventually managed to find my surname to work out my email address and submitted an 89% correct solution missing a couple of designers and getting tripped up along with a bunch of others on Betty's Baffling Bracelet. [I was a bit meaner this year - in the past I've only used pics from my blog ... this year it was any pics I'd taken this year, and quite a few of them haven't featured on my blog...] 

Chris went one better and hit 90 while last year's champ, Steve, scored a whopping 95 - Steve's one of the few folks who was able to list "me" under the designers column and took advantage of that!

This year nobody could touch Nick Baxter, who scored 98 on my nit-picking mark-o-meter. If you're interested he had a misplaced "Cube" and a missing "Box" in his answers so he had "Chequered" and "Ferris' Cube" for numbers 20 and 23... and he taught me that Keith Winegar designed the 4-piece Jigsaw we all recognise - Wil Strijbos' version being the bottom right pic on my collage. Without his entry I'd have been scoring that one wrong!

Thanks for playing along - hope it provided a few minutes amusement and I'll be procuring something puzzling and winging it over to Nick in the next few days...

Happy 2015 - may it be suitably puzzling! 

The complete list of puzzles and designers: 

1 Cubes in Space Iwahiro
2 Crosslinks Toulouzas
3 Tripod Nicholls
4 Egg Strijbos
5 Illusion Toulouzas
6 Bishop Gillen
7 Ladybird Louage
8 Coast to Coast Grabarchuk
9 Snowball Yarger
10 New Pony Puzzle Uyematsu
11 Caramel Box Uyematsu/Hashimoto
12 The Kray Twins Nicholls
13 Join the Club Elliott
14 Tel Arad Meron
15 Pirate's Wallet Puzzlebox Yarger
16 Fauler Hund Constantin
17 Alles Schiebung Constantin
18 Total Eclipse Coffin
19 All-Edges Coverage Iwahiro
20 Chequered Cube Hutchison
21 It’s Nuts Elliott
22 Katie Koala Young
23 Ferris' Box Wiltshire
24 7-4-2 Pauwels
25 The Circle Hales
26 Pin-N-Nut Chiaro
27 Paper Clip Pevnitskiy/Grebnev
28 Droid Baumegger
29 Cross & Crown 2013 Burbank
30 Ball Puzzle Perry
31 No. 12 Puzzlebox (Cross Box)  Yarger
32 Waterfall Box #5 Sound (nee Schaefer)
33 Minotaur's Burr Potts
34 Big Ben Exchange Moores, Young & Yananose
35 The Gouge Packing Puzzle Gouge
36 Four to Square Haubrich
37 Tricklock T9 Popp
38 Twin-Lens Reflex Camera Kawashima
39 Puzzlerone von Kaenel
40 The Golden Ratio Box Wiltshire
41 Square Dissection Baxter
42 Tube it In Strijbos
43 Extreme Torture de Vreugd
44 K-419 Klobucher
45 Rhombic Maze Burr Bosch
46 Betty's Baffling Bracelet Gee
47 Cast Galaxy Cohen
48 Hinomaru: The Japanese Flag Puzzle Curtis
49 Doors and Drawers Toulouzas
50 Four-piece Jigsaw Puzzle Winegar


  1. That "Fauler Hund" image seems vaguely erotic. I hadn't the foggiest idea what puzzle it was associated with!

  2. You're not the first to spot that.... A puzzler, who'll remain nameless, initially referred to it as the "nutsack" puzzle until he worked it out....

  3. what was the prize ?

    1. ...a puzzle and a surprise for Nick - a surprise that would probably be spoilt if he read about it on here! :-) Hopefully Nick will let us know when he gets it...