Thursday 19 July 2018

Coolen’s TrickLock 2018

Louis’ been at it again… well, it’s his own fault really – from the first time he put a year after the name TrickLock, everyone has assumed that there’ll be one every year, right?

Louis has delivered again in 2018… just in time to have the final design tested and declared fit for IPP38 – good timing, that man!

Right, what have we this year?

A familiar little form factor, clearly in the shape of a little white padlock. As has become customary, the year is embossed on one side and there appears to be a key trapped in the hasp – trust it’ll be useful at some point, but for now it’s not going anywhere. 

There’s a pretty standard looking keyhole and an odd protruding thingamy at the bottom – no doubt that will get interesting too. 

A little exploration releases the key fairly early on, but it doesn’t seem to be quite as useful as you might prefer – this is after all a TrickLock.

From there on, there are three or four very distinct stages, each of which needs a different approach, even though you seem to be reusing some of the same elements along the way – it seems that whenever you think you’re finally there, Louis has hidden another little trap for you to negotiate. 

I’m pretty much always amazed by just how much puzzling Louis manages to cram into his little TrickLocks – this one is no exception. If you liked any of the others, you’re bound to love this one.


  1. Will Louis bring the 2018 lock to the next Midland Puzzle gathering?

    1. ...I'm not sure Louis is at the next MPP...from memory he's going to be missing one some time in the next few... perhaps he'll chime in... bring money anyway! Just in case...

  2. How can I reach Louis to inquire about obtaining the 2019 lock...?


    1. ... a little Googling finds you a set of videos on Louis' locks which list the following contact details: