Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Juno’s Heart Case

Following hot on the heels of his Diamond Case (sold out!), Club Case (still some left over here), Juno recently presented his Heart Case… anyone guess what the next one’s likely to be?!

Heart Case looks like it could be handy as a small jewellery box – and indeed Yukari has had a little fun with exactly that idea in one of her blog posts. There are three clear layers to the box and the bottom seems to have an inset, err, bottom, which appears to be floating in some respects, but very firmly attached in all important aspects. 

Fiddle around a little and you’ll find some things to play with and some seriously funky movements – keep on trucking and you’ll get the lid off and find Juno’s heart… aww…

At this point a neophyte might well be tempted to declare victory, close it all up again and move onto the next puzzle… but you can’t fail to notice that there is a lot of space unused to date, which would be unusual for one of Juno’s puzzles… so press on and discover a beautifully elegant way to unlock the final, massive space right where you thought it would be all along. 

Juno classes this as a reasonably simple puzzle, but it is delightful, and could certainly be used to coax newbies into doing a little puzzling as nothing is ever too challenging and there’s always something that can be explored, with hints popping up along the way on how to progress.

Can a Spade Case be far off?

[If you haven't already read Kevin's experiences with this puzzle, you really should!] 

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