Sunday 24 April 2011

A very puzzling Easter...

Sometimes the planets align and deliver a really special treat – I kinda feel they did that to me over the past week ... I’d lined up a week’s holiday between Easter and the royal wedding and I’d been looking forward to it for some time. 

Now in the previous post, I’d mentioned that last Saturday I’d received two packages of puzzles – one contained a special TRIGO cube from Mike Toulouzas and the other had a few goodies from Mr Puzzle – that’s Louis on the right poring over the Siamese Locked Nest, Pinhole Grand Cross (needs some assembly), a Flying Puzzle and an All for One

On Tuesday I received a little package from Scott Peterson with a couple of Coffins (only on a puzzle blog would that be both socially acceptable and make sense!) – a Super Nova and a Rosebud ... you’ll be hearing a lot more about those!

Then on Thursday I got home from work to find four packages waiting for me... one from Stickman-central with a Moving Tile Box from the latest round on Paradise, one from Matt Dawson with a Pagoda #3, a package of little goodies (mainly IPP puzzles) from Kayleb’s Puzzle Corner that happened to include a Mr Puzzle Russian 13 limited edition from 2002, a couple of Coffin cubes and William’s Wonder and then another big box from Australia – this one had a Windmill Burr and an Opening Bat in it... my desk looks a bit of a mess at the moment... J

... The Opening Bat is almost in pieces (no, it’s in pieces, just not enough pieces yet...), the Windmill Burr’s looking rather odd-shaped, but still in one piece, the Moving Tile Box is open (and closed and open and closed and open...) and  a couple of the IPP puzzles have been out and about... and I still have so much more to play with...

I’m really looking forward to my week off...


  1. OMG Allard, you're spending like a condemned man!!!
    I am very jealous! Those are some seriously amazing puzzles - I have dreamt of getting those from Mr Puzzle but they are a bit much for me just now! My budget went on the maze burr?

    On your week off, don't forget to eat!
    When you've finished let me know and I'll give you my address for puzzle storage - you must have filled your house by now!?

    Looking forward to your future reviews!!!!!!

  2. ...the new cabinet is almost full now so will need to get a bit creative in terms of displaying things in cabinets... and thanks for your most generous offer (but no thanks!)... (PS Trying to acquire one of Mr Schaefer's Maze Burrs v2 too...)

  3. What d'you mean holiday.. have you remembered that your lovely in-laws are arriving tomorrow? ;-)

  4. Crack the whip Gill!

  5. Oi! ...don't make me start moderating these comments...

  6. Wow! That's a good few exciting packages you have there! I see you forgot to mention you got a Super Nova when you called me names for getting the Fusion Confusion :p I have a feeling that Mr Peterson is going to end up costing me a small fortune!:D

    We'll have to arrange another meet-up after we've all had our latest batch of purchases arrive!


  7. Yeah, but he had that one lying around spare and it would have been a shame to leave it lying there... (and in the interests of transparency(!) we're in conversation about a Fusion Confusion and a couple of Cluster Busters...) :-)))

    ..and the next meet-up should be fun!