Wednesday 1 January 2014

Christmas Conundrum Competition Champion

Thanks to the folks who entered – everyone managed to identify pretty much all of the puzzles and the only thing that ended up separating the winner from the others was naming the designers. 

First of all, yes, I did realise that I’d included 54 pictures in the collage and I’d told you that I thought there were 53 recognisable puzzles in there – one of the puzzles was pictured twice … deliberately. :-) … and yes I do think the Angel inside the Angel Box is also a bit of a puzzle – if you’ve got one, you’ll understand why. :-)

Honourable mention to Will Hu for getting all bar one of the puzzles correctly named (the last one was the Cooksey Maze in case you were wondering, Will) – if only you’d listed the designers, you’d have been in with a shout!

Ryan correctly named all of the puzzles, but got four of the designers wrong. 

Chris and Steve managed to each only get two of the designers wrong (naming all of the puzzles correctly), and I’ve decided that Steve is my winner on the grounds of fewer spelling mistakes on the designers’ names! (I get to make the rules, after all!)

Well done Steve – I have a copy of Wil Strijbos’ “Nipple Bolt” with your name on it… 

Thanks for playing guys – hope it provided some amusement!

... and I hope your 2014 is truly puzzling!


  1. I'm delighted to have won the competition Allard. Thank you for organising it and for the puzzling prize.

    Wishing you an equally amazing 2014 and looking forward to continue reading "Puzzling Times" over the coming year.


  2. Excellent! Well done Steve!!
    Thanks, allard for arranging the puzzle too... its become part of the Christmas ritual now :D

  3. when is next competition? :-)

    1. I guess I'd better do something about creating one then... and find a prize... :-) Cheeky git!