Monday, 14 August 2017

Doing good stuff...

We interrupt this IPP37 broadcast to bring you news of a puzzler wanting to do something good for charity!

Matt is an American puzzling mate of mine who likes to do nice things for people every now and then... for the past couple of years he's commissioned a unique puzzle gift and then given most of them away... and sometimes donated them to a charity auction. 

He's hoping to raise some money for a good cause by asking people to donate to Tony's Place in Houston, and then doing a random drawing from those donating and offering them one of his puzzle gifts: 

 - in 2016, it was the Texas Coin Puzzle from MINE,
 - in 2017, he was gifting a 3-coin puzzle from Robrecht Louage, 
... and next year he's planning to give away copies of Shiro Tajima's "In a cage" puzzle.

I'm lucky enough to own a copy of the first two and got to play with the third in this year's Design Competition at IPP37 (where it received a Jury Honourable Mention Award!) - they are all terrific puzzles... why not do something good by donating to Tony's Place and give yourself a chance at bagging a great puzzle too?

[Pics all courtesy of Matt.] 

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