Monday 21 March 2011

Try Knot

Stickman no. 17 a good, honest puzzle – everything’s out on display from the start: you have a three axis frame (made of yellowheart, wenge and bloodwood) around a leopard- wood box which has a maze inscribed on three sides. The frame has a pin engaged in each of the mazes and the axes interfere such that you need to navigate around all of the mazes in order to get the box to each of two end positions that will allow you to open a couple of drawers.

The different coloured woods used in the frame and the pins really stand out and make it quite a striking puzzle to look at. The reinforcements in the corners of the frame are not only a nice looking touch, but keep the frames nice and rigid, so the travel through the maze is positive and stops any temptation to try and finesse things. 

Try Knot was crafted (“manufactured” just sounds wrong for beautiful pieces like this!) in a batch of 55, and this one is number 9.

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